Q: What should I install Oracle Java VM for? Other my plug-ins are not required this.
A: We write our plug-ins and tools in Java. Also we use open-source cross-platform wrapper jVSTwRapper, which is an adapter from our solutions to common plug-in formats (VST, AU, LADSPA).
For more details see here.

Q: I’ve heard that solutions written in Java have a performance problems in comparison with C/C++ solutions especially in such applications as audio plug-ins with physical modeling and complicated mathematical algorithms.
A: Do not trust the rumors!
Actually old versions of Java VM used to have some performance issues, but it have been fixed in the newer versions of VM. To avoid performance problem use up-to-date Oracle Java VM version always, please.
The difference of CPU usage between native implementation (C++) and Java implementation is just about 1%. And it is on a PII-450! On modern powerful computers this difference is even smaller.
Read more about Java performance in audio application here.

Q: I have other comment/question/bug report/feature request/other about plug-in/company/other.
A: First of all thank for your participation! We really appreciate your care!
We are opened to any suggestions, requests or constructive criticism!
Please e-mail us to [email protected] or via feedback form here to submit your issue. We will try to answer you as soon as possible, as soon as we can!

Q: I want to support Evil Sound Lab by donation, but I don’t know how.
A: You can support further development by PayPal donation on right sidebar in the News page and buy some drink for us, and some food for Oleshka. We thank you!

Q: I want to support Evil Sound Lab by donation, but I have a problem with payment in PayPal.
A: In some cases (e.g. some currency conversion issues), PayPal can not afford user to make payments. You can try to donate with this link or mail us with specified donation amount and we will send you a bill. We thank you!

Q: What the hell Oleshka?
A: So this way we call dead evil deer on our logo 🙂